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Tired of just talking about your personal challenges?
Looking for creative ways to conquer them? Or simply want to enhance your quality of life?

CreativeArtsTherapy is here to connect you and your loved ones with our licensed, board-certified creative arts therapists and help you start a journey to happier, more connected and productive lives by exploring your creativity in art, music, or dance/movement!

Our Story

CreativeArtsTherapy was born in 2015 with a sincere heart to help those who suffer from everyday personal challenges and mental illnesses, minor to severe. According to the data compiled by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), about 42.5 million American adults suffers from some mental illness, enduring conditions such as anxiety and depression. That's nearly 1 in 5 people! And how many of us experience hardship of facing day-to-day personal challenges from relationships, family, abuse and trauma at some point of our lives?

Well, we are here to tell you that help is on the way! If you have been scared or tired of talking or simply not sure how to deal with your issues effectively, try creative arts therapy today! CreativeArtsTherapy will introduce you to healing power of art, music, and dance/movement with amazing therapists in your area!


Simply, choose a therapist near you by entering your preferred modality of creative arts therapy (art, music, or dance/movement) and Zip Code. Then, login and create a profile to connect with your therapist directly via text or phone.