1. What is creative arts therapy and how can creative arts therapist benefit me?

According to New York State Education Department (NYSED), creative arts therapy is a profession that uses active engagement in the arts to address mental, emotional, developmental, and behavioral disorders. Creative arts therapy uses the relationship between the patient and therapist in the context of the artistic process as a dynamic force for change. It can also be used to manage stress and promote mental and physical health.

Creative arts therapists are trained in psychotherapy and in specific arts disciplines, which may include dance/movement therapy, drama therapy, music therapy, poetry therapy and art therapy. They have training in areas that include clinical practice and human development as well as the use of the creative arts to provide appropriate services, and multicultural and artistic traditions.

To find out more, please visit http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/mhp/catbroch.htm

2. Can any therapist join CreativeArtsTherapy?

Only creative arts therapists who are licensed and board-certified can join CreativeArtsTherapy. We also require them to meet a number of other guidelines such as background check to make sure they provide a great care that you need.

3. How much will my therapy session cost?

That's a great question to discuss directly with your therapist! Each therapist charges different amount and it may vary based on their credentials and professional experience.

4. What about insurance?

You should make sure that the therapist that you are seeing will accept your insurance. If the therapist does not accept your insurance, then you can opt to pay for the visit out of pocket. We encourage you to check with your insurance company for reimbursement.

5. Is it free to use CreativeArtsTherapy?

YES. No fee is required to find the care you need!

6. Can I still use CreativeArtsTherapy even though I don't have any immediate issues?

Of course! We believe that releasing your inner creativity can potentially enhance the quality of your life immensely.

7. In what other areas do therapists from CreativeArtsTherapy help me?

Some of our therapists listed at CreativeArtsTherapy specialize in working with families and also with kids and adults with severe mental illnesses such as developmental delays, autism, and etc. You can always contact them for more information or carefully read through each therapist's specialities!